Become a Hornet Beta Tester!



what's a beta tester?

They are a select group of users that we invite to test out our newly added, unlaunched, or experimental features we may add to Hornet in the future.

They are Hornet users just like you, who volunteer their time to find any bugs or glitches on the app.


What will be required from me?

It's really simple: you just report any bugs, glitches or faults you encounter while using the Beta version of the Hornet app. These glitches get sent into our tech team via an internal ticketing system housed on the app.

why should I become a tester?

You'll be helping to make our app the BEST it can possibly be by ensuring it's a glitch-free experience for you and your fellow Hornet users!

And to show our appreciation to our loyal users, the top contributors may be awarded with free premium upgrades or some amazing Hornet branded Swag!


Who can become a beta tester?

We're now granting access to our entire community, so every Hornet user can potentially become a tester. If you have a smartphone and have the Hornet app downloaded on it, you have what it takes to join our team! We welcome both iOS and Android users alike.


Where and how do i apply?

Just fill out the enrollment form below, and we'll review your application. Once approved, you'll be sent a link to download the BETA version of the app on your phone. Thanks for your interest, we're excited to have you join our Beta testing team!

beta tester enrollment form

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