Hornet a founding member of Global HIV Prevention Coalition, attends Meeting #GPC2020, Convened by UNAIDS in Geneva Switzerland

Hornet is a founding member of United Nations Global Prevention Coalition along with the African Union, Gates Foundation, MSMGF, the Global Fund, Member States from China to Lesotho. Hornet is the only private sector founding member. Our role isn’t to trumpet victories in the fight against HIV but to challenge member states to not erase the existence of gay men in their countries— that our 25 million Hornet users are their constituents and do not have access to treatment or prevention.

UNAIDS and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) are working with United Nations Member States, civil society, philanthropists, academics and international organizations to generate support for a global HIV prevention coalition. When launched, the new Prevention Coalition will champion the Prevention2020 Road Map for achieving the global commitments on HIV prevention.


Today country delegations, NGOs, and other UN bodies meet to review the HIV Prevention Road Map, accelerating HIV prevention to reduce new infections by 75%.

HIV is a global issue with unequal global responses. Many countries do not have a good track record when it comes to key populations, particularly gay men, who face some of the highest HIV infection rates.  

Global fund, MSMGF, and others will present on strengthening global accountability at the Global HIV Prevention Coalition Meeting #GPC2020, convened by UNAIDS in Geneva Switzerland. The Ministry of Health for Brazil,  PEPFAR, and others will pursue how to move from commitments to action: making policies conducive to prevention.

MSMGF spear headed an effort to review and address weaknesses in the last 15 years of failed tactics for combatting HIV while calling for "a new phase in the evolution of the HIV response—one that reinvigorates prevention by seamlessly combining the efficacy of upstream, midstream, and downstream interventions with the powerful effectiveness of community action." Hornet joined the call to action and global consensus of NGOs working on MSM HIV prevention and treatment.

Hornet President, Sean Howell, is attending with a special invitation to help represent the unanswered need for increased HIV prevention efforts and treatment for gay men.  Howell will share research obtained by Hornet and its partners which illustrate a lack of access to care. Hornet's user base of 25 million is comprised of men living around the world, many of whom face huge adversity gaining access to treatment with HIV infection rates booming in countries like Brazil, Indonesia and the Philippines. Howell will also share about Hornet’s in-app HIV education available in 17 languages, political action in Brazil to speed up PREP access and new research with UNAIDS in Brazil. He'll also be addressing issues facing gay men in adverse regions like Egypt and Chechnya and the increased challenges around HIV given new oppressive efforts.



For anyone interested in posting and/or following on social media, the event hashtag is #GPC2020. The opening session (CET 09:00-09:45) and the statements from heads of delegations ( CET 10:45-12:30) will be streamed live on the UNAIDS Facebook account, which you can access here: facebook.com/unaids

Hornet App Promotes PrEP Education Among Gay Men in Brazil and Speed up Access

Hornet is the number one gay social networking app in Brazil. In Brazil HIV disproportionately impacts gay men. PrEP will be made available to gay men starting December 1, 2017 in over 10 different cities around the country, however PrEP will not be available “on demand.” Gay men will be able to access it for free at particular clinics around the country. HIV-negative gay men, and the entire LGBT community, could greatly benefit from PrEP. We must ensure that gay men fully understand all there is to know about this new and exciting prevention option and how to access it.  

Hornet isn’t just a gay social network it is a part of the LGBT community and Hornet is committed to advancing the health and wellness of gay men in Brazil. The lives of gay men have value and we cannot allow one more gay man to become infected because they didn’t have access to all the available prevention options. If the Brazilian government truly believes in the human rights of all its people then it must dramatically increase its investment in gay men’s health. 

Hornet’s intends to create change in Brazil around PrEPand the strategy involves five key components:

What PrEP is and Why it Matters

  • Gay men in Brazil, particularly young gay men, must know what PrEP is and how it can benefit their health. Hornet will provide a platform for actual PrEP users to share their stories of taking PrEP in Brazil and its impacts on their health, relationships, and sexuality.
  • Hornet will launch a social media campaign called “Quero Meu PrEP!” This campaign will include original written and video content, interviews with PrEP providers, advocates, and PrEP users. T-shirts, posters and other public facing material will also be a key component of the campaign to combat any PrEP related stigma. No one should be ashamed to choose PrEP

PrEP Is Available for Free or Low Cost

  • PrEP can only work if people have access to it. If PrEP is unaffordable then price becomes a major obstacle. We’ll provide our community of users with all the available options for accessing PrEP, from the select clinics around the country to more grassroots options such as purchasing PrEP online. No matter how men choose to access PrEP they will be informed of standard PrEP protocol and the importance of regular monitoring by a health care professional

Mobilizing Social Influencers

  • Hornet has teamed up with experts in PrEP and gay men’s health to create content that has an impact on the community. Dr Ricardo Vasconcelos will be a regular contributor as part of an ongoing series about PrEP.  We’ll feature the content of Brazilian social media influencers, such as Doutor Maravilha and Super Indetectável, to help men better understand how PrEP could be an option for them. 

Educational Materials for Health Professionals and The Community

  • Hornet will create shareable and easy to understand educational handouts on PrEP facts, and talking to your doctor about PrEP, and sexual health. Health professional play a key role in helping the community understand that PrEP is an option. Hornet is working with health care professionals to develop educational materials to increase the knowledge of PrEP among providers and combat any stigma associated with PrEP or LGBT sexuality.

Lobby for Policy Change

  • Hornet will work to mobilize the LGBT community in Brazil to demand that the government increase its investment in gay men’s health. The current plan to provide PrEP for free for 10,000 individuals in Brazil is grossly inadequate in a country with millions of gay men. Hornet will activate its community of users to engage policy makers through petitions and grassroots political action in hopes of bringing about policy change. 


Hornet, in partnership with UNAIDS Brazil, conducted a PrEP survey among its community of users in Brazil. In the course of two weeks 1843 responses were collected. Some key findings of the survey:

  • Over 56% of respondents were 18-30
  • 84% had heard of PrEP before
  • 42% gained information about PrEP from Horne’s Know Your Status feature
  • 30% of respondents were HIV-positive
  • 35% of negative men were likely to use PrEP in the next 6 months
  • 27% of respondents has tested positive for an STI in the past 12 months

For this PrEP survey in Brazil general awareness of PrEP was high among Hornet users. Hornet is a key source of information about PrEP and that means that the social networking app has a unique opportunity to engage gay men around their sexual health.  The rate of HIV among respondents was particularly high and underscores the importance of providing gay men with information and resources about HIV treatment and prevention.  Over a third of respondents are likely to use PrEP in the next 6 months highlighting the need for implementation to be ready to meet the needs of ay men on December 1.

Gay men in Brazil are a vibrant and dynamic community that deserves to be cultivated and celebrated. Healthcare is a fundamental human right and all people should have access to antiretroviral medication regardless of HIV status. PrEP can have a profound impact on the HIV epidemic in Brazil but it will require a forceful response from government, businesses, and community. 

Advertising Week New York Welcomes Hornet, First Gay App to Present

Hornet, the world's premier gay social network, today announced that president and co-founder, Sean Howell will be speaking at Advertising Week New York, the world's leading event for marketing, brand, advertising and technology professionals. Howell's presentation will be at the Startup Summit and will highlight opportunities in LGBTQ advertising, as well as Hornet's strategy and execution in targeting LGBTQ audiences.

"It is a privilege to speak at Advertising Week New York," said Howell. "It's the perfect platform to share our LGBTQ advertising insights and what's in store for publishers and advertisers who are trying to reach the growing LGBTQ demographic."

From the conference's Startup Summit on September 25 at the Nasdaq MarketSite at 4 Times Square, Howell will speak on the power of mobile apps to reach the pink economy and share insights on how Hornet was able to garner 2.5 billion ad impressions per month, providing an opportunity for advertisers looking to go mobile, where its predicted there will be a $40 billion ad spend in the U.S. in 2017. Howell will also be discussing thriving versus surviving in a mobile-first world as he addresses the question of how mobile communication has changed marketing and what innovative answers Hornet has to offer.

As brands continue to see the value of advertising on mobile platforms, these channels are seeing an increasing demand for integrated marketing initiatives.  As marketing and content converges, advertisers are now able to directly reach consumers on their mobile devices, which is where they are browsing most. Hornet now builds its content around helping brands communicate authentically to LGBTQ audiences.  Hornet has proven effective in reaching LGBTQ markets, in large part because of content on a platform that engages LGBTQ consumers on a significant scale.

With over 50 percent of the LGBTQ community choosing mobile over desktop, Hornet allows brands to show they are an LGBTQ-welcoming brand by reaching over 25 million LGBTQ highly-engaged, tech savvy consumers worldwide. Under the leadership of former Hearst Media sales leader Matthew Smith, who was recently hired as Hornet's SVP of Global Sales, Hornet will create and execute advertising and marketing programs for current and future Hornet partners seeking innovative digital solutions to reach a targeted demographic. Hornet creates advertising programs including targeted native or banner ads, broadcast messages and custom advertising campaigns.

Hornet will continue the conversation at their own Advertising Week LGBT Mixer - presented by Hornet STUNG at Slate (54 West 21st Street, New York, NY) on September 26, 6 - 9 p.m., where guests can meet the Hornet team and network with top advertising executives and LGBT professionals and allies, while enjoying cocktails, games and other activities. For more information about the mixer please visit: http://bit.ly/2ytM4Vt

Howell recently spoke at Dmexco (Digital Marketing Exposition & Conference), the largest conference and exposition for digital and advertising, which takes place every September in Cologne, Germany. He spoke to power of mobile apps in reaching the LGBTQ consumer in unexpected places, from Indonesia to Turkey. He also provided insight into the economic impact of marriage equality in Taiwan on the rest of Asia and the monetary potential for Japan to embrace LGBTQ business promotion and policies ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Hornet's free social network app is available on iOSAndroid, and the web.

About Hornet Networks
Hornet is the world's premier gay social network. Founded in 2011 with the mission to build the digital home for the gay community, Hornet has grown to 25 million users by utilizing cutting-edge technology for its dating platform and producing original editorial content to connect a community around common interests. Hornet provides a superior user experience and is number one in the key markets of France, Russia, Brazil, Turkey and Taiwan, and is consistently expanding its sizable user base in the United States. For more information, please visit: http://gethornet.com.

Hornet, Where Guys Connect.

Meet Hornet Executives at Dmexco, Cologne

Dmexco (Digital Marketing Exposition & Conference), the largest conference and exposition for digital and advertising, takes place every September in Cologne, Germany. This year’s speakers include Florian Adamski (Omnicom Group), Curt Simon Harlinghausen (Publicis), Tim Kendall (Pinterest), Sir Martin Sorrell  (WPP), Jack Dorsey (Twitter), Nigel Morris (Dentsu Aegis).

For Hornet, Dmexco is an important place to meet existing partners, to get to know new potential partners and to showcase the importance of mobile publishing for reaching gay audiences globally.

Dmexco started three initiatives to help promote women in the digital advertising workplace to focus on equality. Activations along these lines, Dmexco 2017 included Girl’s Lounge, a speakers series and resource materials. With this focus on equality, Hornet is honored to be the first LGBT company to take part in Dmexco.

This year, Hornet President and Co-Founder, Sean Howell from San Francisco will attend Dmexco Köln along with Head of Revenue, Edo Kovarsky from Paris as well as Hornet’s senior marketing staff. They would be happy to meet you there.


» Contact us to set up a meeting at Dmexco 2017

Our experts of digital marketing invite you to exchange in reports and  and discussions. From mobile advertising to growth in emerging markets like Brazil and Malaysia which is transforming regions. We'd love to speak with you about the world of increasing digital, and now mobile-first pressures, as well as what's in store for publishers and advertisers who are trying to reach the growing demographic of LGBT as well as the latest trends and what to expect in the digital advertising world of tomorrow.

Sean Howell will be speaking September 13th on the power of mobile apps to reach the pink economy in unexpected places from Indonesia to Turkey. September 14th he’ll be sharing insight from his recent work at ITB Academy, Japan around the impact of Marriage Equality in Taiwan on the rest of Asia and the dollar and cents potential for Japan to embrace LGBT business promotion and policies ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

U.S. mobile-ad spend will exceed $40 billion this year in just one mobile ad trend in 2017 and research from BIA/Kelsey anticipates predicted mobile ad spend to exceed $65 billion by 2020.

Mr. Kovarsky will be discussing thriving vs surviving in a mobile-first world with attendees as he addresses the question of how mobile communication has changed marketing and what innovative answers Hornet offers.

Meet the Hornet team at Dmexco, and be sure to attend our mixer for #LGBTDmexco themed #adout (ask your account team for more information about this fun moment at Dmexco to network with other LGBT attendees and allies).