Become a Community Moderator!


What's a community moderator?

We're Hornet users just like you, who volunteer to translate text and stories on the app into different languages across the globe.

Do you take Pride in your nation and it's native language? Enroll to become a translator for us, and make Hornet stronger in your country!



Who can become a moderator?

Every user on the Hornet app is eligible to become a Translator, you just need to be fluent in your native tongue (or a learned language) and in English.

We're looking for voluntary contributions in various languages, with focus on translations in French, Chinese Mandarin, Portuguese, and Spanish.


why should I become a community moderator?

By helping us with translations in YOUR language, you can make Hornet stronger and more prominent in YOUR country! And the more users that translate for us, the better quality the Hornet app will be.

And to show our appreciation to our loyal users, the top contributors may be awarded with free premium upgrades or some amazing Hornet branded Swag!


what will be required from me?

Once you signup and are approved, you'll get an invite to Crowdin, our translation platform. You can either respond to periodic emails requesting translations in particular languages, or you can login anytime to look at projects to translate. Most translations we're seeking are just a few words to a few sentences. It's all fully automated and hassle-free!

In the coming months, we'll be asking for articles on our app and website to get translated, too.


how do i apply?

Simply fill out the enrollment form below, and we'll review your application. Once approved, you'll be sent a link to Hornet's Crowdin page, where you'll set up your profile and then be all set to submit translations! Thanks for your interest, we're excited to have you join our Translations Team!!

community moderator enrollment form

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