At Hornet, we want you to be able to put a name and face to the people that you will be dealing with when you write to us for support.  Here are our lovely team, with a brief bit about each person. Which one will you get when you write in?! Oh the excitement of it! 



Ten has been with Hornet from its very inception and has watched it grow from an idea being discussed in a bar to the formidable app it is now!  He hails from the Land of Smiles - Thailand - and lives up to that name. Ten has a seemingly bottomless reserve of energy and positivity and keeps everyone else upbeat and laughing, even on those bad days! Ten is rather adept at yoga and can often be seen  balancing on his head with his limbs in weird contortions. When he is not working, Ten can be found at home with his adorable, but demanding, little princesses - his 11 King Charles Spaniel dogs! No-one really knows Ten's age. The yoga gives him a fantastically youthful appearance, but his wisdom implies someone who has life experience. It is one of the great mysteries of Hornet! Finally, Ten would like to remind all our lovely Members that he is single and available.




Gerry has worked in a customer facing environment for over 20 years. He is the Mother Hen of the support team - he has seen it all and loves it! He had a 4 year hiatus in law enforcement catching very bad men, which he hated as he was always being told that smiling and being nice wasn't part of the job. If it hadn't been for the strip searches, he'd never have lasted as long as 4 years! Anyway, he is back in the territory he loves - being a super nice wonderful individual to our lovely Hornet customers! Despite being fair skinned, blue-eyed and freckled, Gerry loves the sun and has nightmares about ever having to go back and live permanently in his non-sunny native Scotland. The winter of 2008-2009 was the last straw. He packed his little bag and marched off to sunnier weather! Gerry's First Language is English but he can understand written French and Italian (sort of!). 




Henrique is the baby of the Support Team! In fact he is our cute little Brazilian Baby, coming from the land of Samba, Carnaval and Copacabana! Henrique is delightfully optimistic and happy, perhaps from all that Brazilian sunshine! He loves working for the biggest gay app in Brazil and dealing with each and every fabulous Hornet Member from all over the world. He is native in Portuguese, speaks fluent English and modestly says he “knows a little Spanish” (he is fluent of course). Henrique is a workaholic, holding down 2 jobs and recently having completed an MBA (youth, looks AND intelligence = very lucky Hornet customers)!







José is our resident world traveller. He hails from the land of the Aztecs, beaches, deserts and small dogs, but is currently backpacking around the globe. He's also a model and has been a cover-boy for a publication in New Zealand! The whole Hornet family loves him and they then get to tell their friends that they work with a model! But, best of all, our lucky Members get to write to a model! How many of you can say that you have ever had an email from a cover-boy?! 








Roman was born where the Caucasus Mountains meets the Black Sea, although he now hails from the mighty Northern city of  St. Petersburg, Russia. Sorry guys but the lovely Roman is spoken for, having a wonderful boyfriend and two gorgeous St Petersburg Orchid babies. Roman proves again that Hornet staff combine beauty with brains, having a PhD (in Economics, no less!).






Michelle is a sexy language teacher may we say. He is fluent in Spanish and English, is studying French and Japanese and wants to learn Latin and German too! Michelle has plans to get a specialization and even a Master’s Degree! (So much from our youngest member!). He loves reading, playing videogames, food and watching TV series or movies on Netflix, so if any members would like to hang out with him, you know what to do! Michelle is such a lovely and lively guy. We can assure you that he would definitely get a smile out of you within a minute’s conversation.