Love Hornet? Refer us to your friends!


how do I refer my friends to hornet?

If you have the Hornet app, you automatically have the link in your profile. Just go to your profile, click the gear icon at the top right, and scroll down until you see the 'INVITATIONS' button.

Simply copy the link and then you'll be able to share it with all of your friends anywhere on Social Media.


why should I refer my friends?

You'll be helping to grow the Hornet user base, and a busy community is a fun, engaging community.

You get 1 WEEK FREE PREMIUM for every guy that joins Hornet using your unique invitation code!

For best results, maximize the reach of your personal invitation code by inviting everyone in your phone's address book all at once!

what's the user referral program?

Every user on the Hornet app has a unique referral code in their profile, which allows them to share a link with their friends so they can download the app themselves.

Sharing this link with your friends helps our Hornet community grow larger, and creates amazing opportunities to introduce your friends to fellow friends and Hornet users!


Now go to your settings and start inviting your friends anytime!