Hornet wants to hear YOUR STORIES



what is 'your STOries'?

Hornet is asking our users to tell us about the places they've been, people they've met, and experiences they've had. And we want to share these stories with the rest of our community.

Do you have any poignant, witty, heartfelt, hysterical, or outrageous story you want to share with your fellow members and the rest of the world? Then submit some written articles, pics, or videos to our content team!


What will be required from me?

Content Submissions! You're welcome to send something as simple as a captioned photo to something as detailed as an op-ed, indie video, or short story. Once you've been approved to sent content, you'll follow a simple procedure to send it to our content/editorial team.

why should I become a tester?

You'll be helping to make our app content-rich and a unique hub where content is just as important as chatting with guys!

And to show our appreciation to our loyal users, the top contributors may be awarded with free premium upgrades or some amazing Hornet branded Swag!


Who is able to share stories?

Hornet has an incredible in-house content and editorial team, and they write top-notch articles daily for our app and websites

But we also want to hear the voices from our community. We want to hear what YOU have to say. We want to hear YOUR stories.

It's because of this very reason that we've decide to accept content from every user on the Hornet app*. We feel that having more user-generated content makes Hornet a thriving, living community.


how do i apply?

Just fill out the enrollment form below, and we'll review your application. Once approved, you'll be sent a link and instructions as to how/where to submit your content. 

Thanks for your interest, we can't wait to hear what all of you wonderful users have to say about yourselves*!


*Disclaimer: Contributors must have adequate writing skills, and experience in writing is preferred. Each application will be reviewed by our content manager for approval. Not all submissions will be approved or published.



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